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The decisions of the European Court of Justice in applying the Treaty principles of freedom of movement to the direct taxation of individuals have been strongly criticised as taking an overly simplistic view of the interactions between national tax systems. The interactions often make non-discrimination an inappropriate criterion. This article proposes a framework, grounded in economic analysis, for understanding the implications of the interactions for freedom of movement. First, I establish a precise definition of obstacles to freedom of movement of individuals as costs of migration, as distinguished from incentives to migration (such as mere differences in national tax levels). Incentives can encourage economic distortions in migration, but they are not obstacles to migration (or free movement). Secondly, I develop the cross-migration test to distinguish costs of migration from incentives. I apply the test to show that two commonly used schemes of double tax relief, including exemption with progression, create unjustified obstacles to free movement.

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I want to personally thank Terry Ann Scott for allowing the Holy Spirit to guide the pen to write this powerful devotional of hope in Christ. The title "Overcoming Obstacles" really caught my attention since I am battling with depression right now. This book really minister to me right now as I am on the road of recovery from depression. For you to overcoming obstacles in your life, first you must know what the definition of obstacles. What is obstacles? The definition of obstacles is something that obstructs or hinder progress. We all have obstacles in our life. My question for you is what are you going to do about the obstacles in your life? If you want to overcome your obstacles then I definitely recommend you to read this book. Part of my own obstacles is being angry all the time. I decided to read this book not only to be deliver from depression but also work on my anger. Anger is hindering my progress but after reading this book I will be able to work on my anger. Terry minister to her readers about one of the obstacles "ANGER" that if you allow anger keep on crop up into your life then it is time to let it go. You must break down those wall of anger so you can cross over and posses the blessings God has for you. God wants to bless us but we must break down those road blocks that are getting in the way of progress.

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While par 3’s place a golfer in a pre-determined position to view the green and execute a certain shot, they lack the width and play options of the short par 4. The par 5 can have the width but the longer accurate player always has the advantage. Short par 4’s apart from having the broadest golfing appeal, are long enough to provide mystery yet short enough from the tee that the definition of obstacles, safe havens and the overall challenge can be seen. Emotions are stirred and the head and body are engaged.

The definition of an obstacle is something that gets in the way or that slows or stops progress.
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