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There has been substantial pressure for students to pass the Prairie State Achievement Examination (PSAE), the primary benchmark that CPS uses to define achieving and failing schools. If less than 30 percent of the students in a school pass with a “satisfactory” score, the school can be put on academic probation.

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Achieve - definition of achieve by The Free Dictionary

After we define and achieve, we must be able to prove we can sustain/maintain the new process/improvement every day for each output we create. For us this may be a 2–3 month period. Remember, this happens through measuring the process daily against the standard. If a standard is in place you should be able to differentiate the “plan versus actual” easily. All standards should allow us to see abnormality at a glance. So if it’s not maintainable then we need to revisit the achievability of the standard (define).

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First things first, how do you define achieving your potential? There is actually a very simple test. Are you overwhelmed? Are you just barely keeping pace with your assignments? Are you continuously being challenged?

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Achievement - Definition of Achievement by Webster's Online Dictionary

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The survey seemed to define achieving equity in terms of income redistribution between individuals

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your post got me thinking about goals and how I define achieving my goals

First things first, how do you define achieving your potential