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Ten languages? I asked Strakhov for a list, just to process this feat. Ševčenko spoke English, German, French, Italian, Modern Greek, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Czech, and Turkish like a native, and had perfect reading knowledge of the dead languages Latin, ancient and byzantine Greek, and Old Church Slavonic. Strakhov told me that in his final months, before he passed away in December 2009, at the age of 87, Ševčenko forgot a few basic skills—like how to use the telephone, but his mind retained its masterful fluency of these languages.

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No one speaks Latin as his native language, and this has been the case for more than a millennium

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The term “dead language” is also used to refer to a language which is obviously on the way to death. In the Americas, for example, several Native American languages are known to a handful of older speakers, who may use them for communication, but these languages are obviously dying, as they are not used by the younger generation, and they have often stopped changing as well. In some communities, concerns about have led people to embark on programs which are designed to preserve these languages, and some communities have even tried to revive truly dead languages like Latin and Sanskrit.

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The study of dead languages Latin and ancient Greek is striking amid the technology that permeates the students' lives

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In addition to once-dead languages Latin and Hebrew, our language department now proudly offers a beginner's class in Deadhead.

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Latin is categorized as an Italic language spoken mainly in Ancient Rome

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