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My friend Chelsea is just about as obsessed with the TV series Charmed as I am with Beverly Hills, 90210. So while hanging out the other day she asked me to stalk a few Charmed filming locations for her. She was just dying to find Finn’s creepy looking house from the Season Four episode entitled “Size Matters”. In the episode Finn lives in a run-down, haunted-looking, Victorian-style home. The picture to the left is a screen capture of Finn’s house from the show. (I just learned how to do screen captures!!! YAY!)

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Rising World - E2 - Creepy Looking House

Here are a couple of creepy looking houses.

Otterbein is such a cute quaint little town, I can't get over it :).

I came here over the holidays to visit/meet my boyfriends family. This was honestly one of the first places I have ever been in America (I've lived in Los Angeles for over a decade now and am an Ex-Pat) and it is such a 180* turn from the hustle and bustle of Central Hollywood.

I seriously loved it! I loved the quaintness of it all. I loved how it reminded me of the movies. I love the water tower in town (and the surrounding towns) telling you where you are. For reals - how cute is that! The only water tower close to me is the Warner Brothers Studio tower (okay, and maybe Paramount Studios - I think they have one too). I loved how everyone had to wave at everyone as they drove down the paved and dirt roads to and from town. Super cute. Here, usually if someone is "waving" at you from a car it is a less than friendly gesture.

The center of town was super cute too. I loved the one blinking stop light. Not even a full set of lights; just one single blinking light. That amazed me. I'd never seen that before except for that one part in Cars when Lightning heads into Radiator Springs.

There were some beautiful houses in the town too. It was nice not to see a single apartment block. It was nice to see giant yards with kids playing in them, and almost no one had their houses/yards fenced in.

It is a bit of a drive to Lafayette, and definitely one of those places where you need a car. I don't know what we would have done if my boyfriends father was not kind enough to lend us his truck. The scenery around the town is also really beautiful. Grain silos, big barns, (somewhat creepy looking houses, lol!), wooded areas, cows, horses, etc.

We drove out to high bridge which is one of the prettiest places that I have ever seen. Legend has it the bridge has some less than great attributes (apparently it is a great place to kill yourself, or to throw a baby from...), but my God is it beautiful.

There are also some (for the lack of a better word) really freaking creepy looking cemeteries on the edge of town. I'm talking super tiny cemeteries with super tiny grave stones and probably so much town history buried 6 foot down. They were stunning to look at, and I'm one of those weird creepy people who find old cemeteries to be fascinating. Mound cemetery kind of even scared me a little bit because it is just really freaking creepy....up on some weird the middle of nowhere.....and no one can hear you scream. (Plus there's a few ways to get there, like 4 roads meet there, and there's no real landmarks besides one house so it's very easy to lose your bearings).

I guess Otterbein is the kind of place that people refer to when they talk about "small town America". For a girl from the big city it is a wonderful place to go to and to relax and it is an awesome place to experience.

Mental note - never approach creepy looking houses in backwoods Texas

The kids soon run out of gas and the only station around is waiting for a delivery. They make the mistake of going off the main road in an effort to find an old abandoned house. Upon arrival they split up and things begin to go badly wrong in a very gory way. Two of them set off to find a creek to swim in but instead they spot a house and decide to ask for some gas. Mental note - never approach creepy looking houses in backwoods Texas.

Grain silos, big barns, (somewhat creepy looking houses, lol!), wooded areas, cows, horses, etc
Inktober and Drawlloween day 7- Haunted House I have a weird love for old, creepy looking houses

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He's such a fun of the red baron, and large creepy looking houses :D.

Spooky Buildings and Scary Buildings - Architecture

“All creepy looking houses have giant libraries that are a fire hazard

Very old house located in Stormville, N.Y