1. “cornell aem transfer from cc” (2013-07-15)

This is a revised version of Cornell AEM‐Working Paper #2000‐14. The comments of an anonymous referee, Assefa Admassie, Ron Balvers, Subhayu Bandyopadhyay, Richard Barnett, Kaushik Basu, Joachim von Braun, Patrick Conway, Amy Glass, Ron Jones, Ali Khan, Devashish Mitra, Tim Mount, Yana Rodgers, Russ Sobel, and participants at the XII‐IEA World Congress, Cornell, West Virginia, CityU HK, Southeast and Midwest International Economics Meetings, and World Bank GDN‐conference are gratefully acknowledged.

Rejections: Cornell AEM and MSU Ag econ.

Acceptances: UC Davis ARE Ph.D. ($), UW Madison AAE MS (no$), Cornell AEM (no$)

Rejections: U Wash Econ, U Maryland AREc, Cornell AEM, UCSD (implied)

Acceptances: UC Davis ARE (partial tuition and job as grader), UBC (partial tuition), UPF (no$), Cornell AEM (no $), Purdue ag econ (no $), UIC (no $), U York, U Bristol, U Sussex, USF (20k over two years)

Rejections: Berkeley ARE, Cornell AEM, UCSD Econ, UCSB Econ

1. I would not have applied to Maryland Economics b/c it really didn't match my interests very well. I would not have applied to Cornell AEM b/c it turns out it is very difficult to get admitted directly into the PhD program and I didn't want to do a MA/MS. I might have applied to Cornell's economics instead, though. I would have applied to at least one more place outside the top-20, maybe University of Washington.

Acceptances: Cornell AEM MS (no $), UVA (wl-$), UMD AREC ($), Michigan (no $), BU (wl-$).
Rejections: Stanford, UC Berkeley ARE, Columbia, NYU, Yale, Cornell AEM, UC San Diego

cornell AEM - College Confidential

Rejections: Virginia, Washington, Penn St, Oregon, BC, Cornell AEM, Iowa St

cornell aem transfer from cc” (2013-07-15)

Rejections: Duke, Duke UPEP, Berkeley ARE, Davis ARE, Cornell AEM, Yale FES, Oregon

This is a revised version of Cornell AEM-Working Paper #2000-14