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5. Antenatal hospitals/clinics arrange compulsory parenting classes/training at the point of registration and implement strategies to monitor births and treatment of children.

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Mind you, Latham's language is nuanced in a way that of his opponent's often is not. A couple of years ago the neophyte Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Larry Anthony, also mused on the possibility of compulsory parenting classes. But his suggestion was that parenting benefits should be denied to those who did not do the classes. He was pilloried for the idea, and it was promptly dropped. Shortly after the last election, Howard gave an interview in which he articulated his understanding of "early intervention" strategies in child rearing.

finally, compulsory parenting classes backed with parenting orders.

Secondly, the working class is stigmatised as criminal or potentially criminal on the basis of a few sensationalised cases. This allows the State to concoct laws which bear down most on the working class and to justify a presumption of guilt by police and courts which is parroted by the media and picked up by reactionary groups who then threaten violence, demand the 'criminal' be evicted from their homes or hurl abuse and worse. This treatment is not now reserved for the 'worst' criminals (like sex offenders) but increasingly directed at anyone who fails to adhere to the new right-wing code of conduct (for instance parents who cannot 'control' their children in East Sussex or on the Meadowell Estate). Being black, a lone parent, living on a ghetto estate, being young or unemployed, all are being portrayed as criminals who haven't been caught or parents of a new generation of the lawless. Actions and conditions previously seen as social problems are being criminalised. Benefit fraud and immigration officials are joining police stop-checks ostensibly to catch rogue lorry drivers or unsafe vehicles. They treat everyone like criminals and actively gather information on other people whose names are then run through computers. One-third of Britain receives some form of means-tested benefit and all are potential criminals in the eyes of the State. If you are treated like a criminal it is because the State thinks you are a criminal. This allows people who have committed no crime to be penned up in detention centres or manacled while on remand, even if they are dying, as happened in one recent case. These are merely the worst aspects of the drive to socially control behaviour and criminalise those who resist - parent-school contracts, compulsory parenting classes for dysfunctional families, probationary tenancies in council housing, curfews to keep young people indoors. In America law enforcement is increasingly resorting to 'shaming sentences' where the guilty must take out newspaper ads or erect signs outside their houses publicly proclaiming their crime.

Maybe compulsory parenting classes aimed at discipline and controlling behaviour for parents of toddlers and small children would be a good idea...
There will be tough new sanctions for nuisance neighbours including relocation, amended tenancy contracts as well as compulsory parenting classes.

Such parents should be given compulsory parenting classes

Building on that argument, ministers will now unveil plans for the parents of violent chuldren to face compulsory parenting classes and possible eviction from council houses.

It wouldn't matter if there were 100 hours of compulsory parenting classes

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It wouldn’t matter if there were 100 hours of compulsory parenting classes. The information largely does not translate to the reality of having a baby. For example, at one antenatal class, they played a tape of a screaming baby, then gave the fellas a doll each and made them undress and redress the doll, while dealing with the awful screaming. Then we all sat around talking about how it made us feel.

tell their parents; who may be sent to compulsory parenting classes for various offences

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The state has a strong moral, practical and financial interest in the raising of its future citizens. This is why most liberal democracies offer extensive and costly child support systems (including child-support payments, free nursery care, parental leave arrangements) to aid parents in raising young people who can be active and respectful members of society. Louise Casey, Government Respect Co-ordinator, argues that the best results come from preventative action: “I think we have got to do everything to make sure we are tackling not just anti-social behaviour today, but preventing the next generation of people growing up with signs of anti-social behaviour in the future.” 1 Compulsory parenting classes could be a means to ensure the cohesion and prosperity of its future generations by raising the standard of parenting they receive.