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Metropolitan World Atlas maps 50 major global cities at the same scale with consistent visualizations of data about those cities, including economic and population factors. It is strangely difficult to find any examples of a scaled comparison of major cities, let alone examples this beautiful and useful. Grootens takes advantage of the physical affordances of the book — comparing two cities is as easy as flipping pages back and forth:

Your search returned over 400 essays for "comparison of two cities"

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The mystery grew more complex today at the annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, where scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) presented preliminary findings of a study comparing two cities: Key West, Florida, and Tucson, Arizona. Dengue reappeared in Key West , but has yet to surface in Tucson, despite the fact that both cities are home to — a species of mosquito known to carry the disease — and that dengue remains endemic in neighboring Mexico.

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We use a transport-land-use model () for comparing two cities. One city is the Paris of 2008, with its road and public transport infrastructure, including a very dense metro and train network. As shown in Figure 1, the model can closely reproduce the urban form of Paris. In fact, the model also reproduces the urban rent and density distribution reasonably well. The other city is a “counterfactual Paris” without public transport infrastructure, but with a stronger road network. Unsurprisingly, these two cities have different emission levels: carbon emissions from commuting are 6 Mt per year in the city with public transportation, compared to 11 Mt in the city without.

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Whether planning a move or perhaps considering a job relocation it's useful to know how cities compare. This site shows population, percent rental units, percentage of households with kids, average temperatures, and median age for people living in each city.

The information for two cities is presented side by side, in a clear and simple manner, and gives users a rough idea of some of the similarities and differences between the two locations. The site can help those looking to compare two cities, though it does not have cost of living, salary, or income data. “One of the most common types of essay you have to write is the comparison/contrast essay where you will be asked to talk about the similarities and differences of two subjects. Probably this wouldn’t be as easy as comparing two cities. You probably have to compare something like two theories or two characters and two totally different novels. The most important thing to remember with comparison is to avoid the obvious. If you have two subjects, that are very similar of course it is easy to focus on similarities but what is probably more interesting and to try to focus on is on the differences. “Now before we talk about the essay structure, it’s important to mention that you should watch the video on basic essay structure first, okay? So, the comparison/contrast essay introduction is basically the same as with the other essays we discussed. The hook will engage the reader and introduce both subjects which is very important the background will give any essential information that the reader needs to understand the main point of the essay. And then the thesis statement will focus the comparison for the reader. Now I mention something about thesis statement in a moment. The main difference between the comparison/contrast essay and the other essays that we’ve discussed is that you have options with this kind of essay. There are really two different options that you can choose from: first one is what we call the block method which means you have two body paragraphs that are organized in this fashion. You can have a similarities differences essay which means you have one paragraph that is entirely focused on the similarities between the two subjects and one paragraph that is entirely focused on the differences between the two subjects. Making sure that each paragraph has a clear topic sentence. Another form of the block essay is what you may call subject to subject essay which in one paragraph gives all the information about one subject and the next paragraph focused on entirely on subject B. Okay, so that is one option.
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I dont know why everyone wants to compare these two cities all the time. And in all honesty, I much prefer Toronto over New York. I’ve been to both cities and I find Torontonians a lot classier (better fashion sense, quieter and more dignified), Toronto’s restaurants are much better than NYC and, absolutely NO ONE can deny this, Toronto’s pubs kick the living snot out of New York bars, which offer absolutely no atmosphere unless you want to watch the Yankees game on the big-screen TV.

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It is not fair to compare the two cities because Toronto is in Canada and New York in the US. They are very different for example: Canada is more friendly to Israel and is more stable. You know Canadians had hardly a recession that the States did. So a more stable place to live would be Toronto (the central for pretty much everything in Canada). A better place to visit for a vacation would be NYC. Also Toronto has much less crime than NYC just saying…….and u can’t base a place for the friendliness of their people everybody is different.

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Although population isn't the only form of comparing two cities, it is clear from this chart that Houston is 75% better larger than Dallas according to the 2010 census estimates. Of course, the Dallas folks might think this is not a fair comparison. However, even in last year between Dallas and Houston, Houston is one to two degrees better warmer than Dallas! (Wait… is that a good or bad thing??)