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What is rhetoric? The AP Language course seeks to answer that question by examining the crucial relationship between form and content in the pages of American literature, history, and culture. The principal objective of this course is for all students to become engaging writers for a variety of audiences and purposes. The course includes a comprehensive introduction to classical rhetoric, focusing on persona, audience, rhetorical appeals, and rhetorical schemes and tropes. During the course of the year students compose a variety of expository, narrative, and argumentative papers, focusing on rhetorical analysis in close reading essays. The Advanced Placement Writing Rubric is also used to assess numerous timed compositions. At the conclusion of the course, students are expected to sit for the AP English Language and Composition Exam.

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Students will learn to (1) respond to literature by developing their critical thinking and inferencing skills, (2) analyze literary elements and devices, 3) write well-developed paragraphs, routine journal responses, close reading essays and research papers based on novels, short stories, and non-fiction text while implementing the rules of writing convention, (4) prepare for the Common Core ELA Regents Exam, 5) synthesize the text that are read in class with the teachings in Islam to find thematic connections between literature and religion.

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The following exercise uses one of William Shakespeare’s sonnets (#116) as an example. This close read process can also be used on many different verse forms. This resource first presents the entire sonnet and then presents a close reading of the poem below. Read the sonnet a few times to get a feel for it and then move down to the close reading.

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Written work includes two short precis, two close reading essays, and a research paper

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Novels will include (Erdrich): Love Medicine, Beet Queen, Crown of Columbus, Tracks and Shadow Tag; (Welch): Winter in the Blood, Death of Jim Loney ,Fools Crow, Indian Lawyer and Heartsong of Charging Elk. Requirements will include scholarship overview reports, close reading essays and a final paper.

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