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Chinese Character for Crisis and Opportunity

The message I really want to communicate is that surviving any crisis implies a cool head, innovative thinking, and a strong sense of practicality. Years ago, I completed a well-organized formal training program on organizational change management. Two takeaways from that training continually remain in my management toolbox. The first harkens to the Chinese proverb and character symbol of the term crisis. If you have at all seen the Chinese character for crisis, it communicates both the symbol for “danger”, as well as the symbol of “opportunity”. Crisis, therefore, is a time for diligence to danger, but also a potential opportunity. The second takeaway was that any effective or significant change cannot take place until participants have a common frame of reference. Frame of reference would include a compatible set of ideas, beliefs, or feelings. People are more likely to acclimate effectively to change if they can either help in the design of that change or, in some way, contribute to designing the future process.

the chinese character for crisis which combines the characters of

Using the Chinese character for crisis there are two ways to approach the situation. The first is danger. The second is opportunity. Danger:
Chinese Character for Crisis

really mean both crisis and opportunity

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Crisis = danger + opportunity: The plot thickens

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