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Childhood memories… They are so different: happy and a bit sad, associated with particular people and events. Anyway, we suggest you talking about the happiest childhood memories in your paper.

So, what brightest moment from your childhood do you remember? Can you think of an event or experience that you still remember in details? It will be the main idea of your childhood memory essay.

Obviously, at this moment, you cannot come up with good ideas for your childhood memories essay. Probably, there were so many bright events that you cannot decide on the most exciting one.

Well, then we suggest you recollect your first Halloween day. We are sure that it is a special day for any child. So, if you like this idea for your childhood memory essay, use the following plan for writing.

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First, tell how old you were. Then, describe the “mystery” of getting ready for the holiday, your feelings, etc.

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Describing your appearance on that particular day will be one of the most exciting parts of your childhood memory essay. So, what did you look like? Were you dressed as a vampire/super hero/ ghost, etc?

Childhood memories essays: point 3

Now, it is high time to tell what you were actually doing. Where did you go? Who was with you? Did you play tricks on people? Did you have some sort of party? Answer these questions in your childhood memories essay.

Childhood memories essays: point 4

Finally, tell how the Halloween night ended. Did you like everything about the holiday? What did you feel like?

We are sure you can remember many other fascinating details that will make your childhood memories essay sound really impressive.

Our writers have good ideas for other written assignments. So, use our tips for writing , and many other assignments.

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