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[0187]Usage level of the artificial sweetener will vary considerably and will depend on factors such as potency of the sweetener, rate of release, desired sweetness of the product, level and type of flavor used and cost considerations. Thus, the active level of artificial sweetener may vary from about 0.02 to about 30% by weight, preferably 0.02 to about 8% per weight. Typically, high intensity sweeteners may be applied in a small amount in the range of 0.05 to 1% by weight of the chewing gum substance. When carriers used for encapsulation are included, the usage level of the encapsulated sweetener will be proportionately higher. Combinations of sugar and/or non-sugar sweeteners can be used in the chewing gum formulation processed in accordance with the invention. Additionally, the softener may also provide additional sweetness such as aqueous sugar or alditol solutions.

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[0242]The illustrated chewing gum manufacturing process involves an extruder 10 feeding a rope sizer 11. The rope sizer 11 is again feeding a tablet forming arrangement 12, which again may, optionally, feed a cooling arrangement 13. Moreover, the arrangement comprises a conditioning arrangement 14 for anti-sticking agent. An intermediate arrangement 15 connects the past manufacturing process and the following coating process involving a coater 16. Finally, the manufacturing process is ended with a storage or packaging arrangement 17.

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The control chewing gum process, however, resulted in gum which exhibited noticeable harshness and bitter ness due to the ?avor.
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gum chewing significantly reduced the noise-induced ..

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Fluorine chewing gum process

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