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Some of the discussions, such as on “home” and “independence,” take on the characteristics of an essay. For instance, the concept of home for elders is threaded throughout the book, in terms of location, support, cost, ability to stay alone, and loneliness. Becoming ever more important is the social concern of homelessness, with 25% of homeless persons being older than 50 years and 49% being African American. Embedded in this discussion is the special concern for women, particularly widows, who are a uniquely vulnerable population group. Nakonezny points out that being homeless means more than simply lacking a domicile, in that it represents a powerful symptom of personal and societal disaffiliation associated with loneliness and separation from the mainstream of society, which in turn is associated with increased vulnerability.

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Not that you want to copy bad characteristics of an essay but it can be handy to see where somebody goes wrong and to know why they went wrong. The benefit being that you then avoid making those mistakes when it comes to writing your own essays.


These grading standards describe the typical characteristics of an essay at each grade level. Of course, some essays will not fit neatly into one grade category. Some essays, for example, may have a few strengths typically found in A papers but other characteristics more common to C papers. The final grade an essay receives will depend on the weight the instructor gives each criterion, how well the essay fulfills the requirements of the assignment, and whether the essay was turned in by the date due.

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Please explore the defining characteristics of an essay by taking the following steps:.

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Many researches indicate that AES systems should be able to analyze semantic characteristics of an essay and include more such features to score essays.

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We also give a brief overview of Slovenian essayists and the fundamental characteristics of an essay. A school essay represents the central part of the work.

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