Every moment of our life is a "character defining moment"!

This reminds me of that character defining moment in the Matrix. Which path do you take? Take a leap and bring your dreams to fruition, or back down and watch your dream boat sail by? Elated that they took the red pill.

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Instead of driving off, he reverses the car back up the road, drives the car even faster than before, and smashes up the side of his vehicle further to finish the job. It's the most character defining moment possible, summing up his hunt for perfection and chaotic nature in one moment of madness.

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However, there is a huge character defining moment in , when the scholarly, soldier of fortune who would do anything to get his treasure - only to admit at the end that when it all came to pass he would pass up the Ark and that all he wanted was the girl. I always remember that as the defining moment, one that turned Indiana Jones from just another comic book hero to one of some substance.

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- Lets say you're a teen partying with a group of your friends, and they begin to make fun of a special needs adult. Although you feel the peer pressure and fear being rejected by your friends, you make a choice to defend the special needs person against the onslaught of teasing. You have decided to take the high road instead of the low road. This is a character defining moment.3. Doug says that Jupiter was prepared to let everyone on Earth die to save her family, completely ignoring the subsequent scene that shows her realising that that’s too high a price to pay – ultimately, she refuses to sign because she realises that the Earth is more important than her family. Again, this is a character defining moment that’s completely ignored to paint a picture of an insipid and weak lead. This does the character and the film a disservice. 2. Doug says the Balem encounter is a repeat of the Titus encounter, which isn’t true beyond the broad strokes. The differences between the encounters are what matter. Whereas Jupiter had no choice but to go along with Titus and naively believed what he told her because she had no reason to believe he was lying, she is much more savvy with Balem and ultimately finds the courage to defy him even though it means condemning her family to death and herself to worse. That’s a huge difference and it’s a character defining moment, but there’s absolutely no acknowledgement of it in the review. It should also go without saying that Balem and Titus could hardly be more different in terms of their approach and intent, which means the encounters have drastically different tones and feel very distinct.
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And Nagilum's assessment of humanity at the end was annoying. Q did that ayear ago, do we really need a rehash? Picard should have rolled his eyesat that comment. Also, why did he make a point about Pulaski beingdifferent, and not Worf? Speaking of which, Pulaski's gratuitous Databashing was annoying. We had that as her character defining moment lastepisode, and the next episode it's a major plot point. It wasn't neededhere.

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This reminds me of that character defining moment in the Matrix

I have written at length about the politics with regard to TPP , ), and , but what strikes me most about the TPP debate is that it is a character defining moment.

there's not only a character defining moment, but a “household/universe” defining moment

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Turn it around. Given that this character's remembering doesn't matter one way or another, allow the player to turn it into a character defining moment (if a minor one.) Give the player the information about the NPC, then ask if the character remembers, and why or why not. You'll get a better reward from that character development than withholding the information.