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To Maureen and All: Is poverty the cause of illiteracy? Or is

Wish is unity, a unifying movement that combines the efforts of similar organizations with its own innovative ideas to eradicate the root cause of illiteracy, not just illiteracy itself.

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Another reason that unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases may thrive in certain parts of the world is illiteracy. Unsurprisingly, illiteracy rates are high in regions that are overpopulated. Poverty is usually a significant cause of illiteracy in developing regions: children are kept from school or forced to drop out in order to help support their families. Without the benefit of even a high school education, which almost certainly includes sex education in most countries, such children grow up into adults who procreate irresponsibly and without thought.

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In the technologically advanced world that we live in now, there are no good reasons or causes of illiteracy. It is a problem that should be addressed by all, as lack of reading and writing skills will affect an individual throughout their lifetime.There are many different causes of illiteracy around the world. In the United States alone, the most recent statistics show that 34 million adults are below what are considered levels of basic literacy. That means that these people cannot fill out a job application or read the label on a prescription.
In a world where computers are standard equipment in every home, there should be no reason that these causes of illiteracy should exist. It is only through the education of the population that advancements in civilization can occur, and literacy is the first boundary to cross.,According to the National Committee on Adult Literacy, 1.2 million teenagers or one in every three, drop out of high school. That is a big contributor to adult illiteracy. One of the reasons kids drop out of school is growing up in poverty. That is one of the major causes of illiteracy around the world. In Asia, for example, poverty can keep people from having access to an education. Textbooks cost money as do teachers. For many of the poor, developing countries, there simply is no money to fund education.
• Dyslexia is the leading cause of illiteracy, dropping out of high school, juvenile delinquency, and drug abuse.

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“Only with one perfect language will every international barrier to peace truly disappear. The plague of mis-education and illiteracy will also vanish. Recognize that a leading cause of illiteracy is that great areas of the world do not even have language in written form. Among those that do, there are a variety of differing alphabets, such as Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Greek and Sanskrit. Also gone will be the multiple ways that people pronounce the same words differently.”

Thoughtful writers have identified five causes of illiteracy. The English language with its highly erratic system of spelling.

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There are no definite links between poverty and illiteracy and yet it is often the underlying cause in many undeveloped countries. Poor communities have meager funds with which can be applied toward teaching staff, books and materials to educate their children. Families that are underprivileged lack appropriate clothing, resources for transportation and sources for regular meals that would enable their children to attend school. Frequently, children can be found begging for money on city streets; an activity that keeps their families fed but also keeps the child from becoming educated. This factor leads to the next of the most common causes of illiteracy; cultural influences.

One of the major causes of illiteracy is poverty and the subsequent lack of access to reading and writing materials.

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Illiteracy in individuals comes from different causes that seem to be interrelated which together they amount to barriers to the involved persons. From the intergenerational illiteracy transmission, a person may be unlucky to be born from parents who barely got any schooling this will lead to the born child having difficulties in learning. An individual who is not exposed to books and does not see the need for learning or reading is likely to become an illiterate person. Poverty has been linked to illiteracy as both a causing agent and also as the result of illiterate. Poverty results in poor living conditions that make it difficult for an individual to gain any formal learning. Another cause of illiteracy is the learning disabilities in the form of one suffering from dysorthographia and dyslexia.