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The zinger is Barber's point that we practice doublethink. Most of us interact with the human side of animals. We negotiate. We exchange affection. Yet when it comes to eating, hunting, and caging animals, our experience goes into the closet. Giving human attributes to an animal is what we do for children, or for the child within us. We separate that from reality because those human qualities stand to inconvenience us terribly.

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Being in cages decreases animals lives, if they were free they would live a lot longer

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Well the caged animal is also meant as a metaphor of how we cage ourselves with our own internal repressions. As it seems is the case with that bear you mention which has become conditioned to the idea of living in a small cage.

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An unlikely friendship is struck between a disfigured old-man and a little boy in Tobias Stretch’s new clip for Caged Animals’ “Too Much Dark." Offering an abstract but entirely sympathetic visual harmony with the existential themes of "Too Much Dark,” Stretch brings the viewer through a series of mirrored events in two people’s lives that lead them together. I conceptualized and built a revolutionary cageless animal shelter that set global humane standards. I lobbied for the adoption of guardian language to change people’s ideas concerning our relationships with animals. I lead the rescue of tens of thousands of animals from puppy mills, dog and cock fighting, hoarding cases, equine farming and countless other cruel instances of confinement and mistreatment. I have liberated hundreds of thousands of animals from the confines of cages and the grip of manmade cruelty.Being in cages decreases animals lives, if they were free they would live a lot longer. They should be able to live a free life like we do and should be able to live in their natural habitat. When in cages animals can't learn there normal life skills like hunting etc. it would be like us not knowing how to use a knife and fork or not being able to go to the toilet.It pains me a lot to see animals – both big and small – trapped inside cages and put up as public exhibits. When I say cages, I include aquariums too. Nothing could be as worse for those poor fish than being trapped in a 6 ft x 4 ft x 2 ft glass enclosure, sometimes in the name of Vaastu and Feng Shui. Imagine how you would feel if you were to be trapped 24 x 7 x 365 in a four-walled enclosure with the occasional food bits being thrown at you. How would you feel, if in addition to this misery, there were cameras constantly taking your pictures? You would go wild and mad within a very short period of time. That’s exactly how caged animals feel too.
In this study I explored abnormal behaviors in certain caged animals at the Kuala Lumpur ..

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Government officials in Costa Rica reported plans to convert the country’s zoos into botanical gardens or urban parks and end the practice of caging animals. This announcement is in response to what Environment and Energy Minister Rene Castro called, “a change of environmental conscience among Costa Ricans.” This petition supports Costa Rica for striving to return their caged animals to more natural habitats where they can live freely.

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Should animals be caged? Sometimes it is necessary to cage animals for their own protection or for the protection of the populace. If an animal is ill or weak it may have to caged to save its life from other animals that would kill it or to keep it from spreading a disease to people or other animals. Vicious animals also need to be caged or otherwise isolated to protect people and other animals. It is also sometimes prudent to cage them so they can be located for ongoing medical care. These are valid reasons for an animal to be caged, I feel. Some reasons for caging animals are controversial or clearly wrong, for instance to use them for product testing so that the manufacturer can deduce if products are safe for humans. For starters such testing is cruel and also it may not actually determine if the substance being tested if is safe or unsafe for any animals other than the kind on which it is being tested. Medical and psychological tests in which animals are abused in the process of research are also bad reasons for caging animals. Tests abusing animals or caging them for no good reason should be outlawed.

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Last week, Longform reprinted David Samuels’s wide-reaching exploration of zoos’ troubling history through the lens of the Bronx Zoo, one of America’s largest and oldest metropolitan animal menageries. Samuels dissects the metaphors inherent in caging animals for the benefit of spectators: