Here is an anti bullying poem written by Jon Evans:

In “My Walk to School” by Andrea Wilson , the poet describes in one of the best bully poems the feeling of getting physical bullied as she begins a typical school day:

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From a Bully Poem, speaks of strangling, and she stabbed herself to death. Again, you need to realize that there are a lot of young kids on anti-depressant meds for all sorts of reasons, and these class of drugs are known to possibly cause thoughts of suicide in young children as it is. Think about it. Although , I believe what you are doing is great, as I’ve been bullied myself, and the poems have educational components to it. There must be some discretion when it comes to the graphic description of violence and thought provoking ideas. This can have a negative outcome in some cases. Thank you.

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We recently came across one of the most touching cyber bullying poems.
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They think you have to bully poetry and then you bully the children by keeping asking them questions you already know the answers to. "How many examples of alliteration in the first two verses?"....What is the point of that?

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. Just like in some cases of child abuse, the child won’t communicate, but he or she might find their means of expression by drawing pictures, or talking to a teddy bear or find some relief in poems about bullying and bullying poems.

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I have recently attempted to write a cyber-bullying poem but failed miserably. After passing it by my two teen-aged sons, I was convinced that I was out of my depth. It is a huge issue and one which I feel needs to be addressed.