Clay brick making process for brick plant

This next section is an intensive study of the brick making process conducted in the field for the purpose of both understanding and documenting the current technique as well as investigating the root causes of the brick makers imminent removal from the city to provide alternative solutions.

Clay brick making process for brick plant clay brick production line

Tunnel kiln for clay brick making process for brick plant

Brick making process has been divided into three processes:

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Brick making process has been divided into three processes:

The machine consists of three units, viz. material mixing unit, conveyor unit, and block moulding unit, which can make approximately140-150 blocks (of size 15 x 9 x 7 inches) per hour. It can also be used for making conventional and interlocking bricks of different sizes by changing the mould. This machine eliminates the need to employ woman and child labour in the brick making process.

Brick making process has been divided into three processes:
One of the most efficient improvements that can be done to the brickmaking process is to make sure the bricks are completely dry before firing. If the bricks contain moisture, fuel will be wasted drying bricks to remove moisture before they can be fired. By the Regency period brick making was common place and widely used in areas that were abundant in clay, but which lacked other sources of building material like stone. Brighton was such an area. It was not rich in clay, but it did possess a thin layer of it, called ‘brick earth’. Through the Regency period this was systematically scraped off the land as raw material for the brick making process.
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How to Make Clay Brick – Red Clay Brick Making Procedure

Clamps, when fired, produced much smoke and a foul smell from the initial burning of the organic matter within the clay and people living nearby often complained. Brighton brick makers, such as Thomas Scutt, Richard Kent and George Webb, made efforts to appease the locals by trying to complete the brickmaking process as speedily as possible and removing their clamps with all haste.

clay brick making process

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These bricks were mostly used sparingly for the ‘framing’ of buildings as they were a relatively expensive construction material. To avoid unnecessary and costly haulage in an age with little mechanical handling, it was the convention that the bricks required for a building project would be sourced from brick earth dug up immediately adjacent to the building site and then fabricated and fired in situ. This is exactly what happened in Brunswick Town. Brick earth was dug from Brunswick Square and the large excavation left at the end of the brick making process was infilled with the surplus spoil left over from digging the foundations and basement rooms of Brunswick Town houses.

Brick making process , with shale as raw material

brick making process (small tunnel dryer&tunnel kiln)

Clay brick making process for brick plant is uitable to produce all kinds of hollow or solid brick & block, all kind of clay, shale, coal slack, fly ash etc, many types of machine can be choosed depend on the raw material.