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to discuss: Are there any similarities betweencharacters in Blade Runner and Frankenstein? If so, which ones? How are theysimilar? Is this significant, in your opinion? How?

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I feel like] a Led Zepplin song or even a recent movie Dazed and Confused.I really don't think we have read enough to answer this question

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I guess that there are some similarities between characters in Blade Runnerand Frankestein. I'm not really sure as to what they are since I never thoughtabout it. I guess that there is a similarity between Walter's need for a realfriend and Rick's need for a real animal. They both needed somethingreal-Walter was tired of confiding in a journal and Rick was tired of takingcare of a fake animal.

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Blade Runner and Frankenstein are very clear influences on Caradog James’s creepy, low-budget sci-fi about a neuroscientist (Toby Stephens, a tricky actor to sympathise with) creating lethal androids for the MoD engaged in a bleak Cold War. One of his creations (Caity Lotz), however, turns out to much more human than the rest. Lots of good ideas, but the script needed to be sharper and the action less clunky.

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to discuss: Are there any similarities between characters in Blade Runner and Frankenstein

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Therefore, I designed two typefaces for Blade Runner and Frankenstein.

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