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In the beginning, Mr. Fitzhugh believed the journal could be self-supporting. Surely, he thought, thousands of students and teachers would jump at the chance to read the best student essays from around the world.

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The George Watt Prize for the best student essays received submissions from across the globe, the various entrants writing on topics of history, literature, politics, and culture of the...

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Probably the easiest way to discover great essay samples is to ask your instructor whether he or she has any on file. Your tutor would gladly let you have a look as it’s what they actually store these examples for. You can be sure that the samples you get are the best student essays ever submitted to your tutor.

For those interested in the connection between media and democracy, the  offers $5,000 for the best student essays on the subject.
Best Student Essays (BSE) is the premiere nonfiction student review of the University of New Mexico. It is published biannually by the UNM Student Publications Board and solicits nonfiction writing from UNM undergraduate and graduate students. BSE publishes all genres of nonfiction including essays, research, scientific writing, memoirs, photo essays, foreign language with English translation, and more. BSE considers nonfiction written for UNM coursework, nonfiction written at other institutions, and students' personal nonfiction writing. The submission deadline for publication in the Fall issue is generally in early October. The deadline for the Spring issue is generally in early March.Why should you get student essay services from our essay writing company? We provide quality at reasonable price. Our writers are determined on whatever they provide our customers and we also have editors who monitor how your student essays are written. We help students who want scholarship to write quality scholarship and even those who want student application essays. If you have a workload which you feel that it might consume all your time, contact our company and get the best student essay services. Our essay writers are familiar with all types of essay writing styles and this is why they will write any student essay that you want. We are not limited only on writing student essays thus we have other essay services which enables you manage your resources planned to get your degree.Have you ever thought of achieving your academic goals as you site or attend to other duties? Our essay writing company is the only site which provides quality student essay services to students all over the world at a cost which is justified to services that we offer to students. We offer the best student essays which are original to students who want to get better grades in their final exams. Our essay writing company ensures that student’s essays which are offered to students are original and quality so as to help students get their academic true. We think our essay writing company is the most reliable company where you can order your student essay services because we have writers who will help you write papers within the shortest time. Our student essay writers have been trained on how to write quality student essays such as term papers, case studies, reviews, research papers and other student essays. We offer the best student essays because when hiring our writers we ensure that they hold the best qualifications and after that we train them with current essay writing materials.We are currently accepting submissions for publication in the Fall 2009 issue of Best Student Essays.

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Ed Kearns served UNC as a faculty member in the Department of English from 1966 to 2000. Though Ed taught many different courses at all levels of the curriculum, he was particularly noted for his contributions to the first-year writing program. He regularly taught freshmen composition courses, and trained many of our current composition instructors. He was also responsible for eradicating that scourge of the UNC graduating senior – the English Essay Examination. After a successful career, Ed retired in 2000 and passed away in 2004.

In his honor, Joonok Huh, Chair of the Department of English from 2000 until 2008, and Evelyn Kearns, Ed’s widow, established the Ed Kearns Scholarship, which is administered by Sharron Riesberg, an instructor in English. The $500 scholarship is awarded each spring to the freshman student who produces the best essay in a section of ENG 122 (College Composition). English composition instructors submit their best student essays to the English Scholarship Committee, whose members select the winner. The 2012 winners are Nick Alspaugh with the essay "Personal Event" and Donovan Anderson with "Deluge of Wisdom." Past winners include Eliza Howards (2011), Christa Huffman (2010), and Samantha Smits (2009).

Best Student Essays is a twice-yearly magazine that showcases the best of academic writing at UNM

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folio was launched in 07 March 2003 to collect the best student essays written in the writing courses of the programme. It cultivates the development of a culture of writing as an integral part of a student-centered education.

Best Student Essays (BSE) is the premiere nonfiction student review of the University of New Mexico

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Best Student Essays is a twice-yearly magazine that showcases the best of academic writing at UNM. Visit their web site or e-mail to find out how you can submit your academic papers for publication in this semester's edition of Best Student Essays.