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"A last call for human sanity in a digitized world and a summons home to the nature that nourishes the best human qualities of creativity, intelligence, connection, and compassion…The Nature Principle is mandatory for teachers, parents, designers, urban planners, and anyone who just loves a good book. The message is urgent: unplug, boot it down, get off line, get outdoors, breath again, see, experience, touch, hug, feel, become real in a real world."

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Even in this poem, however . . . Baraka has not betrayed himself entirely through anoversimplified rhetoric. He is the victim of his own best human qualities, a man whorefuses to let himself slide out from under the burdens of less privileged blackAmericans. . . . Many of his poems are the deliberate invention of an intellectual poetsetting out to internalize the violence of the poor blacks’ experience and convert itinto an equal and opposite reaction, and one just about as acceptable as a promise ofnational enlightenment.

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Turning to the thousands gathered in the audience, His Holiness said that those of us who received maximum care and affection from our parents, friends, or relatives at a young age would be happier. Whereas those of us who lacked this experience may become disturbed and fearful, making it difficult for them to trust others and, therefore, experiencing frustration which makes them prone to anger. So, His Holiness exhorted the rapt audience to talk and think about love and compassion. “As social animals we need love and compassion,” he said. “These are the best human qualities. With these we can take care of our society.”

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What elements have we for building this apparatus? Only two. First, the workers who are absorbed in the struggle of socialism. These elements are not sufficient educated. They would like to build a better apparatus for us, but they do not know how. They cannot build one. They have not yet developed the culture required for this; and it is culture that is required. Nothing will be achieved in this by doing things in a rush, by assault, by vim or vigour, or in general, by any of the best human qualities. Secondly, we have elements of knowledge, education and training, but they are ridiculously inadequate compared with all other countries.?Heroes abound in present times and many of them are fictional characters, for instance, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Thor. They’ve been significant in many people’s childhood and teenage years, but there’re also real-life heroes who embody the best human qualities and are acknowledged for making the difference.This chronicle of a city building and the people whose lives center on it explores the collective psychic memory a landmark leaves behind when it is destroyed. The Building is both a ghost story and a testament to the best human qualities; a melancholy look at how we treat our past and a robust affirmation of life.That pessimism is the single greatest problem of the current social system, we think, and the deepest cause of unsustainability. A culture that cannot believe in, discuss, and develop the best human qualities is one that suffers from a tragic distortion of information. “How good a society does human nature permit?” asked psychologist Abraham Maslow. “How good a human nature does society permit?”
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"Spite, envy and jealousy are definitely not the best humanqualities, but we have them and can't get rid of them, so it'sinteresting to study them to put humans in a wider context andunderstand what's weird about us," Jensen added.

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Through all the trying times, I've always felt that the journey itself is as significant as the final destination because it is from the trials and tribulations, and how we respond to them, that we redeem ourselves and our best human qualities. Being from Taiwan, another Asian country with its own authoritarian past, has in some way equipped me with the ability to empathise with the present Singapore and continue to be hopeful about its future.

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Rarely does a person in bridge stand for all the finest qualities the game represents such as top class play, active ethics, competitive ruthlessness, necessary complete concentration, and yet while doing, never led anyone to think that she was neglectful of all the best human qualities.