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Some information cannot be found on the internet or in a book. That information is the valuable insight that can only be gained by talking with someone who has followed a path to becoming a radiologic technologist and held a position as an RT and beyond. Kevin Powers, Ed.S., R.T.(R)(M), ASRT’s director of education shared his thoughts on this exciting career and what he offers as some important things to remember as you begin.

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There are tons of opportunities within the field of radiology, but most people don’t take the time to learn about them or how to become a radiologic technologist. For instance, most people have no clue that it only takes 2 years of college and a high school diploma/GED to become one. There are a couple of different situations though, in which you can make the jump to this profession. Some of you are going to be coming straight out of college, and some of you are going to be coming from another medical career; here we will outline both ways on how to become A Radiology Technician.

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If you are already working as a Limited Scope X-Ray Technician or if you are currently working in a medical imaging center as an assistant or in an administrative role, you may want to take the next step and become a certified Radiologic Technologist or RT. People looking for professional certification do so for many reasons including better compensation, expanded job roles, or simply to open up greater possibilities in your medical imaging career. If you fall into this category, you will still need to complete the necessary formal education such as a or an eligible certificate program that the ARRT recognizes in order to be eligible to take the ARRT exam and become certified and registered as an RT. You will; however, have the benefit of job experience and knowledge that you can apply to your studies, which will make the process much less challenging.

Mount Marty College and Avera Sacred Heart Hosptial offer various levels of certification to become a Radiologic Technologist.
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A person can become a radiologic technologist by enrolling in a two- to four- year program in radiography that leads to a certificate, associate degree, or bachelor's degree. A high school diploma or its equivalent is needed to enter a program. Hospitals, colleges, medical schools, the U.S. Armed Forces, and vocational and technical schools offer these programs. After graduating from an approved program, individuals can take an exam leading to registration by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. With further training and experience, registered technologists can become certified in radiation therapy technology or nuclear medicine technology.

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In the US in order to become a radiologic technologist, individuals interested will need to complete an x-ray technology program. The Joint Review Committee in Education in Radiological Technology is the agency which accredits x-ray technology programs in the United States. The organization can provide perspective students with information on various accredited programs across the country. Individual programs should be contacted for admission requirements and tuition costs.

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