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These questions are central to the one-year English-taught Master's specialization Human Aspects of Information Technology (HAIT), a heavily internationally oriented specialization within the Communication and Information Sciences Master's program.

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The fifth edition of LEGAL ASPECTS OF MANAGING TECHNOLOGY guides students through the complex legal issues involved with today’s fast-paced, rapidly-changing technology environment. This textbook offers a comprehensive presentation of intellectual property rights and solid coverage of other key topics including ecommerce, privacy, antitrust, and biotechnology. Its goal is not to make readers legal experts; rather it is too allow managers to understand the fundamental legal issues pertinent to technology management so that they can competently create strategic plans in consultation with their attorneys. Regardless of students’ majors or future career plans -- be it in business, management, computer science, engineering, architecture, biology, or law -- this text provides students with the tools they need for understanding, applying, and anticipating fundamental legal issues related to technology.

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The entry starts with a brief historical overview, then continueswith a presentation of the themes that modern analytic philosophy oftechnology focuses on. This is followed by a discussion of thesocietal and ethical aspects of technology, in which some of theconcerns of humanities philosophy of technology are addressed. Thistwofold presentation takes into consideration the development oftechnology as the outcome of a process originating within and guidedby the practice of engineering, by standards on which only limitedsocietal control is exercised, as well as the consequences for societyof the implementation of the technology so created, which result fromprocesses upon which only limited control can be exercised.

and  have been discussed in separate articles. Within this article we are going to have a look at two aspects of Roman technology:
Sharing our knowledge in both the legal and technical aspects of technology transfer and licensing in a wide range of transactions.

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And while those engaged in the law continue to struggle to find its place and role on the Internet, Levine says one area that does not seem to have been challenged by the Internet’s open, unrestricted infrastructure is trade secrecy. Levine’s research centers on the impact technology has on intellectual property law as well as the law’s impact on public and private transparency and accountability. He also has a radio show and podcast called “Hearsay Culture,” which features interviews with a wide range of guests discussing various aspects of technology and intellectual property law.

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The Bachelor of Technology (BTech) is a career-orientated programme that will enable you to study a specialist technological subject. It has launched many an entrepreneurial career in the high-tech sector. Choose from four specialisations: Biotechnology, Information Technology, Medical Physics and Imaging Technology, or Optoelectronics. These specialisations cover broad theoretical and conceptual aspects of technology, application-based techniques, industry-based project work, business and communication skills, ethics and research.

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Management of health technology includes all those activities and actions necessary to carry out a safe, appropriate and economic use of technology in health organizations. This course offers an introduction to the basic (industrial engineering) principles underpinning a sound health technology management. The focus is on policy and management aspects of health technology in hospitals, but aspects related to societal impact of this technology as well as its deployment in non-hospital environments such as home care will be discussed.
The course addresses the life cycle of technology: starting from acquisition, operations, maintenance, replacement and disposal. This includes topics as risk analysis, inventory management, automation evaluation and asset life cycle optimization. An introduction to HTA (health technology assessment) is also included.