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" 'Yahshua' supporters teach that since the Messiah will 'come in his Father's Name', 3 then he must have the name of Yahweh, or at least the abbreviated form () within his spoken name. (Sacred Name believers teach that 'name' is to be interpreted literally as opposed to meaning 'authority')."

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as opposed to meaning, definition, what is as opposed to: rather than; instead of: . Learn more.

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I'm going to assume that " Quit" dialog is blocking input into other applications if that is the only thing you can click on while it is up. I'm assuming that's what you mean by "basically everything in GDM stops working" as opposed to meaning something more like that once that dialog appears your entire environment is dead until you switch to a console and restart gdm.

It is based entirely on the closeness of sound, as opposed to meaning

Unlike most contemporary poets with a highly formulatedaesthetic, Jackson does not play the game of post-modernism, makingit clear from the start that poetry for him "is not a question hereof arguing that poems are only about language, as some languagepoets argue." Instead he has roots in Dante, Wordsworth, Petrarch(his last book, featuredsonnets in a contemporary mode). He admires Petrarch' s ("shifting style"), "language beyond language . . .always in the impossible position of trying to say something beyonditself." On one level then (the most important) the "essentialpower of language" is "as sound and as a physical thing as opposedto meaning and representation." This echoes, as Jackson points out,Wordsworth's notion of "words, not only as symbols, but as things,active and efficient," as well as a number of other well-knownformulations: Frost's "sentence sound" that "often says more thanthe words," Richard Hugo's "triggering town" whereby an image, aprompt, even the "sound of words" can carry "the poet and poem inunanticipated directions," and similarly Brodsky's "dictate oflanguage," which also "prompts, or simply dictates, the next line"and may surprise the poet with the poem's outcome. Jackson wants"an excess of associations through the play of language," "a richarray of possibilities, a kind of fluidity of meanings—though nottotally out of control since they are limited by the shape of thequilt."

as opposed to meaning, definition, what is as opposed to: rather than; instead of:
I would have said that the link was an onomatopoeic one. It is based entirely on the closeness of sound, as opposed to meaning.
constructions, as opposed to meaning changes in the single words go and will

op·posed, op·pos·ing, op·pos·es

Overall, findings suggested that the two groups of students were working toward separate goals: the international students' goal is academic writing in English ; the US-educated students' goal is academic writing in English. Despite these differences, there were practices on the part of the tutors that were either more effective or less effective for both groups of students. In other words, effective feedback practices worked for all students, and less effective feedback practices were generally ineffective for all students as well. Practices that facilitated the initiation, giving, or making use of oral feedback included (a) reading aloud, (b) providing specific, descriptive positive feedback, (c) using interactive signals, and (d) making links between talk and writing. Factors that constrained these processes were (a) limited oral proficiency, (b) over-reliance on reference materials, (c) form-based (as opposed to meaning-based) approaches to grammar, and (d) rushing to frame a problem as grammatical. Implications are suggested for providing oral feedback on second language writing, as well as for considering the role of language in writing.

As opposed to meaning that a man named Jesus is literally fucking Christ

verb (used with object), opposed, opposing

According to Heidegger, the "world-as-picture" entails a distance between us and the world, a transformation of participation and dwelling into observation and . (see ) Values and goals (as opposed to meaning) lend themselves to spatial representation as end points, something that one can approach or recede from. Heidegger characterizes this as a "loss of nearness."

So this enzyme is liver specific as opposed to meaning there is something else wrong in the body?

to stand in the way of; hinder; obstruct

This discussion arose around the statement"PersonX was my oldest high-school friend"The intention was to refer to length of time known (roughly the opposite of 'most recent') as opposed to meaning that the friend was older in years (age).