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This game of hide and seek happens all throughout our spiritual lives, and it reaches a severe intensity in what the saints call the Dark Night of the Soul, which is an experience that is very close in its description to clinical depression. Two years ago Time magazine published an article on Mother Teresa's correspondence with her spiritual director, describing the tremendous darkness and emptiness she experienced for much of her life as a Missionary of Charity. It has been published in a book entitled . St. Padre Pio also experienced tremendous darkness during his final days on earth.

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I had been at a loss as to what my posts should focus on next, . Since I’ve had such a penchant for contemplative spirituality, I honestly never took the time to understand the spiritual factors that drive service-oriented religious persons. Partly due to both awe and ignorance, I always assumed that God gives a special kind of grace to those people so that their service to others is never deterred by feelings of spiritual dryness or emptiness. My misconceptions were certainly shattered after I read this thorough article on Mother Teresa’s lifelong spiritual struggles. Mother Teresa’s courage and perseverance in the face of stark spiritual depression only reconfirms the holiness of her life.

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Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs-or nonbeliefs-few can fail to recognize the compassion and selflessness of Mother Teresa, who has dedicated her life to caring for the poor. She is one of the most remarkable people this century has known. And while Grand Times magazine is nondenominational, we believe that Mother Teresa's work should be acknowledged. In doing so, we have veered in two ways from our usual editorial policy regarding cover stories. One is that the article on Mother Teresa is not an interview written by one of our staff but an excerpt from a book of her writings. These are her words. Given her fragile health at this time, there was not the opportunity to conduct an interview. The second is to publish material religious in tone. Although Mother Teresa is Catholic, and her writings are imbued with her beliefs, the excerpts we have chosen embody qualities that enrich the human experience universally.

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27 Aug: Journal Chretien. An historic work that reveals the inner spiritual life of one of the most beloved and important religious figures in history will be published on September 4. It is called ’Come By My Light’ and is a collection of letters written by Mother Teresa of Calcutta over a period of 66 years. For full text, 3085 words, To see an excerpt of Mother Teresa’s letters To access the Time magazine article on Mother Teresa’s letters

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