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Another one of the many arguments against zoos is that the animals are not living fulfilling lives, suffering psychological distress as a result. Animals kept in captivity, whether they are bred there or not, suffer from multiple mental problems including boredom, confinement disorders, and general stress. This stress is made worse by captive breeding that inevitably occurs as zoos attempt to bring in more visitors. Baby animals are a major attraction for all zoos, but when zoos take advantage of this fact, it can lead to over population of a certain animal, making it necessary to reduce the number of adult animals. While zoos sometimes sell their surplus to other zoos, other methods of population reduction in zoos include selling the animals to circus rings and hunting facilities, as well as going so far as to having them euthanized, none of which are humane for the animal.

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Given the arguments against zoos I have outlined, it's time that we boycotted zoos

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For animal rights advocates, this debate over methods of reproductive contraception and population control in zoos is, to a large extent, beside the point — keeping animals in zoos in the first place is the problem. However, this example, along with many others in the book, illustrates the kinds of specific problems inherent in zoos as institutions of captivity. And while does not use these facts about how zoos function as an argument against zoos, readers of Our Hen House could become more effective advocates for animals in zoos through reading this book.

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Roadside zoos, petting zoos, and smaller animal exhibitors tend to keep the animals in smaller pens or cages. Sometimes, barren concrete and metal bars are all a tiger or bear will know for their entire lives. Larger, accredited zoos try to distance themselves from these operations by touting how well the animals are treated, but to animal rights activists, the issue not how well the animals are treated, but whether we have a right to confine them for our amusement or "education." Arguments For Zoos By bringing people and animals together, zoos educate the public and foster an appreciation of the animals. Arguments Against Zoos In the case of zoos, both sides will argue that their side saves animals.

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Arguments Against Zoos . From an animal rights standpoint, we do not have a right to breed, capture and confine other animals, even if they are endangered.

this book in my English classes as an example of arguments against zoos.

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