Surely the question to ask is are these rich people any happier?

And I think the same is true when we say you know are we happier than our parents, or even when we say are rich people happier than poor people? What we really have in mind is not something about how they think about themselves, or how they evaluate themselves, it is more about the quality of their experiences. That has implications for the measurement of well- being and I am interested in developing a science of experience that builds on experience. You would actually try to measure what is going on in life as it is lived and not necessarily as it is evaluated retrospectively.

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Are Rich People happier Than Poor People? | Yahoo Answers

Are rich people happier than poor people

Great article from a great book. I would argue that those who are giving this list the thumbs down and saying things like, “are rich people actually happier?” are the ones to whom this article applies the most. People that will never put the effort into following these steps will try to downplay them by saying things like that.

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Welcome, too, to a fascinating subject that will change the way you think about all kinds of interesting questions. Is the world really getting warmer? Are rich people happier? Which party will win the next election? Can we forecast what will happen to the economy next year? Answers to questions like these rely on the tools of statistics, tools that are common to many fields.

Are rich people happier than poor people? | Yahoo Answers
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Are Wealthy Rich People Any Happier?

6. Your tours are billed as high-end so you probably interact with a lot of wealthy guests. Are rich people happier or just better fed?
Oh, why yes, they’re very happy ” and oh, no, those shorts don’t make you look fat at all…

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One of the reasons for the studies’ findings is choice. According to Newsweek, people have typically equated money with happiness because money means more . But an overabundance of choices can actually be more frustrating than exciting. Because of this, the question, "are rich people happier?" is complex. A recent study showed that multi-millionaires rated their happiness at about an average level — 5.8 out of 10 — according to Newsweek. It is speculated that their ability to make many choices is actually causing them a tremendous deal of .

而目前有四分之三的美国大学生都认为,过上“十分富裕”的生活是“非常重要”和“必不可少”的。钱的作用的确不小。 Well, are rich people happier?

Ask yourself, are rich people happier than the poor?