Are people born Smart or they develop to be one through experience.

Are people born smart or is it a learned behavior? How do we define intelligence? Learn about the power of your mind, and what you can do everyday to boost your brain power.

First, why are some people born smart

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are people born smart or stupid or what

I know people get wiser with age, but some people are just naturally intelligent. For example, some children advance in reading and writing quicker than other children, and some people who don't read many books are still smarter than those who do. So are people born smart, or get smart? What...

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First, why are some people born smart? From what I have read on the subject IQ is about 50% genetics and about 50% enviorment. If you have smart parents you are more likely to be smart (physical make up of the brain) and if you come from an environement where you get good nutrition and are intelecutally stimulated (Mom or Dad read to you at night instead of just sitting you in front of a Scooby Do video with a happy meal) you will have a higher IQ. Your enviornment can influence your I.Q. up to 30 or 40 points, depending on how much stimulation and attention you recieve, and how the people around you act. Someone who grows up in a family where dinner table conversation is about economics and political theory is going to be more intelectually stimulated than someone who grows up in a house where dinner conversation is about Paris Hilton and Oprah.

Are people BORN smart?
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Are People Born Smarter Than Others

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