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Another significant aspect of the American Dream ideology lies in the notion of choice and the belief that if people choose to work hard, they can be successful. However, the success or failure of the individual’s accomplishments in this scenario is connected to the concept that the nation-state creates relatively equal opportunities for all its citizens. The American Dream ideology is dependent on the imagining of the nation as egalitarian, a space where all dreams are achievable for everyone. The success stories paraded to keep us invested in this ideology are also the stories used to differentiate the United States from the rest of the world. After all, isn’t this dream the reason that immigrants choose America? While the rhetoric of the United States as the land of opportunity remains ever present, the reality of the widening gap between the rich and the poor, the increase in poverty, the continual problem of unemployment, and the rise of hate groups tells a different story. If this dream is achieved by so few, why does it continue to enjoy such popularity? Why does the idea of the American Dream continue to permeate so many aspects of our culture?

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On the other hand, Andy Kaufman employed “over-conformism.” He was an over-orthodox artist. Think where Stephen Colbert apes ultra-conservates like Bill O’Reilly. Keller argues that over-conformism is a perfected form of subversion, unlike transgressing, because the artist slyly reveals imperfections in the ideology that is being aped (all under the guise of buying into it). Think as the super jew-hating Kazakhstanian. His hyper-conformism reveals the ridiculousness of his anti-semitism.

Keller attempts to make the case that Kaufman’s act was primarily an over-identification with the American Dream and is therefore a critique of American Dream ideology at its core.

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Film has done much to promote and dramatize the “Cinderella” myth and the American Dream ideology
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American Dream ideology empha- sizes the importance of effort in overcoming struc- tural barriers

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