Do you agree with capital punishment?

I agree with Capital punishment, today we found criminality is increasing very rapidly particularly increasing rate of rapes and murders to control such type of incident in India ours govt should effectively implement death penalty and I also feel mercy by president should also be amend from constitution.

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Do you agree with capital punishment

Yes, I agree with capital punishment

I agree with capital punishment, but only for particularly gruesome murders. The alternative is to feed these scum in jail for the rest of their lives – with your taxes!

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Many who do not agree with capital punishment do so from a “religious” perspective. But, in all religions, (Christianity is at the top of the heap) people are historically put to death for adultery, blasphemy, being a witch, Idolatry and yes even not observing the Sabbath.

That said however, I do not agree with capital punishment. Too many innocent people have been murdered, by the state.
Still, the public does support the death penalty strongly in certain crimes. Law professor noted during questions after Ellsworth's talk that more people supported the execution of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVey than agree with capital punishment philosophically.Then there are others who don't agree with capital punishment but say Bali Nine members Chan and Sukumaran knew about Indonesia's strict laws when they tried to commit a crime there, so they should face Indonesia's punishment for it. Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney, who spent time in France as a missionary, angrily disagreed with Obama's translation of the first sentence in Albert Camus' novel "The Stranger." Romney, speaking to a group of schoolboys with a limited knowledge of French and no understanding of who Albert Camus was, said, "Did Mother die today? The president says she did. How can we know for sure? Besides an autopsy report from the French police and her son as eyewitness, all of which we learn about later in the novel, we have no proof of her death, any more than we do of global warming…. Look … look … the question isn't whether Mother died today. For all we know it could have been yesterday … or maybe she's not dead, maybe she's lost…. Old people get confused sometimes. The word for lost in French is perdu … like the chicken … funny…. The point is that I agree with capital punishment, even for elderly French mothers, and by agree I mean disagree if I have to, depending on the day, the hour or the minute, or whether there's a French person in the room. Any French people here today?"
Whilst I personally do not agree with capital punishment, I am all for a little corporal punishment

Senator Edwards, I know you agree with capital punishment

I do not agree with capital punishment, to anyone, no matter terror ,hardship pain and travesty that comes with it. NO BODY on this earth has the rite to take anyones life, let it live! NO GOVERNMENT should give ANYONE the rite to kill

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Question: Do you agree with Capital Punishment

Because it's criminal law, and criminal law can only be imposed by thejudiciary system. There was as much "murder" as there is currently in theUnited States (regardless of whether you agree with capital punishment inthe US or not).

Many who do not agree with capital punishment do so from a “religious” perspective

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The American Civil Liberties Union once said, “Capital Punishment is immoral in principle, and unfair in practice. No one deserves to die. When the government metes out vengeance disguised as justice, it becomes complicit with killers in devaluing human life and human dignity.” The argument over Capital Punishment has been a long time debate that cannot seem to be resolved. I agree with Capital Punishment in the sense that people who kill with no sense of remorse should be put to death, but in the way that they killed their victims. There are some people in this world, that are just plain evil and do not deserve to walk this earth, in my opinion. My only fear with Capital Punishment is how are we sure whether the person that we are convicting to death and ending their lives are actually guilty of the crime they are accused of? When put on a jury, you along with eleven other people have been given the power of deciding the fate a person and now a days, less people are being convicted of crimes because, the slightest bit of doubt gives the jury pause and causes them to acquit the party because, the jury does not want to have to live with the fact that they sent the person to their death when ultimately, that person may have been innocent of the crime. Throughout history, there have been 6 different methods in the United States of capital punishment. Lethal injection, firing squads, stoning, lethal gas (gas chamber), hanging and electrocution. Advocates of the death penalty tend to argue that these horrific executions are well deserved after the crimes that these people have committed, and the pain and suffering they have inflicted upon their victims, like Ted Bundy who raped and killed more than 35 women and Karla Faye Tucker who stabbed Jerry Lynn Dean in the throat 11 times, stating that she “reached multiple orgasms as he died”.