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Bo was raised by human parents that secretly adopted her when she was an infant. When she was eighteen years old she killed her high school boyfriend by uncontrollably draining him of his energy during her first sexual experience. Not knowing what had happened and unable to understand what she had done, Bo ran away from home. For the next ten years, Bo lived a life without friends or family, moving from place to place, and changing identities each time she killed again.

Can you live a life without friends or meaningful social contacts ..

Alone imagine a Life without FRIENDS; curiosity the very thing fit you via joy?

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Constant random chat becomes never ending in the Boys by Girls family, and as these boys stroll in fresh from shooting for it is no exception. Each boy has a unique quality that moulds them into one harmonious bond. They represent friendships where you behave like siblings; the teasing, tiffs and adventures is what you treasure. The person or people that would be there for you no matter what. A life without friends is like life on a desert island.

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In this life, each person will have a separate concept of friendship and everyone among us also knows the importance of a good friendship. Can you imagine a life without friends? Perhaps we would cower in between the “shell” of our own.

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Friendship is the most beautiful, most powerful and most valuable treasure in life. It is your true wealth. No matter how much status people may gain or how rich they may become, a life without friends leads to an unbalanced, self-centered existence.

My story about my life with no friends. How to live and thrive without close friendships.

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Friendship, for Epicurus, fits into the category of the natural and necessary desires. Mitchell writes, channeling the Epicureans: "A life without friends is a life diseased, pained, and in need of succor." Solitude is not conducive to happiness. Friendship for the Epicureans is necessary for achieving ataraxia , or a state of lucid tranquility. However, it is not the same as the need for water or shelter or food, other natural and necessary desires. There are dangers involved in the desire for friendship that are reminiscent of the dangers involved in the pursuit of natural and unnecessary desires. There are certain preconditions that require satisfaction before one can pursue friendship. The most important of these pre-conditions is the very self-sufficiency that we seem to view as in tension with the desire for friendship. Mitchell writes: "While friendship may appear contra self-sufficiency, for Epicurus it forms the very height of self-sufficiency - the ultimate moment in the therapeutics of pain." For Epicurus, the person who is able to go into the world and pursue friendship the way it is supposed to be pursued is the same kind of person who is not dependent on those friendships, who can most enjoy them for their own sakes, rather than with a view merely to their own self-interest. Whereas previous defenses of friendship had depended on the utility involved or the recognition of oneself in others (as in Aristotle, where, as Mitchell argues, friendship appears to be simply a glorified form of self-love), Epicurus emphasizes that a friendship cannot depend solely on the benefits accruing to its participants. What is true of the world in general is true of friendship in particular: whoever needs it least is most eager to experience it, for then the benefits reaped are all the more pure.

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