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Smith most likely created the foil character as a craft choice, but because she only wrote novels for money, perhaps she did not care as much if the foil was well-written or not. Smith’s true calling was in poetry, but she had to write novels for money. There is no money in poetry. Smith did not write Celestina has a satire. Through a critical eye, this foil character is overdone and is not written well.

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Definitions can also be important and, if they are important for your paper, it is worth making sure that you have defined the word or words. If you are writing about a foil character, it is important to make clear the definition of foil and whether it is an opposite foil or a complementary foil.

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And then it’s nuts-and-bolts time: we talk about how and why to do this. Howard offers the example of Reverend Theo and Kevyn in the Schlock Mercenary books. Mary explains how she used a foil to strengthen her short story “For Want of a Nail,” (which went on to win a Hugo award.) Brandon tells us how adding a foil character was critical to The Way of Kings. Finally, Dan reveals to us (spoiler alert!) how John Cleaver and Mr. Crowley are foils for one another in I Am Not a Serial Killer.

Create a character profile for a foil character. What values does he or she have, and how do those values contrast to your protagonist’s?
You characterize the woman very well, but the narrator feels more like a helpful sidekick that a foil character. I loved the way you mixed in the back story. Excellent balance and execution!The 1800s brought many female writer’s novels to the printing press and onto store shelves. Many of them used the classic foil characters. A foil character is a character set in place to highlight or showcase another character’s attributes in their advantage. This foil character is set as a contrast to the other character. Sometimes foils may be overdone to the point that the character lacks credibility of reality in the world of the novel. An overdone foil causes a reader to be drawn out of the novel and fall out of the narration. When any person begins a book or movie, the person agrees with the creator of the work that he or she will accept the work as real for the period of time in which he or she interacts with the work. The overdone foil character causes the person to break this deal with the creator because the foil causes so much disbelief, he or she is broken from the reality of the narration. As a foil character, it is especially useful to compare Haroon and Anwar as their identities diverge. As Haroon ages, he attempts to transform into a "qualified and polished English gentleman" while Antwar begins to identity more with (and in Haroon's eyes) Indian traditions (24). Though the two men share a kinship formed from common background, their goals and lifestyles engender different qualities of life. Similarly, comparing Haroon's growth to his son Karim's illuminates the rites-of-passage both experience. Haroon ironically profits socially and financially off of his teachings of selflessness and the jettisoning of the material. But Haroon and Karim's trajectories seemingly coincide at the novel's end. His studiousness and dedication show that, perhaps, like his son, Haroon has come to place less importance in that material he previously coveted. A FOIL CHARACTER is a figure invented to ask the questions to which the audience wants answers (asking the question may be more important than getting the answer.)
If you’re thinking of including a foil character within your story, here are three steps to create him or her:

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Two novels by female authors from the 1800s have overdone foil characters. A discussion through craft will ensue about why these novels have such overdone foils. The two novels follow as Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen and Celestina by Charlotte Smith. Each novel will be discussed as to why the foil is overdone and a possible explanation as to why the author would have done so through her own craft of writing.

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A foil character is a character set in place to highlight or showcase another character’s attributes in their advantage. Meaning, a foil character is the opposite of the other character to highlight that character's attributes to make them look better.

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Bob Ewell acts as a foil character to Atticus.

18.) Choose an already-existing character (could be one of your own), and create a foil character for them (contrasts with them as much as possible.)